"Theory attracts practice as the magnet attracts iron." - Carl Friedrich Gauss (1777–1855)

We race occassionally at the local underground oval track. Part of the fun is the camaraderie and of course the competitiveness. Here is the thing, if you want to be competitive (and you owe that to the other racers - you've got to give them a race), you need a good running car.

We found ourselves looking for a Gauss Meter / Magnet Meter to check motors. Running different cars and different classes can leave you with a few motors - some stronger than others. It would be useful to know which motors were weaker and which were stronger. We associate stronger magnets with stronger/faster motors, so we came up with an affordable Magnet Meter to see which of the motors were 'winners' and which were 'also-rans'.



nymodifieds.com Gauss Meter Product

NY Modifieds Magnet Meter / Gauss Meter / Magnet Tester
NY Modifieds Magnet Meter / Gauss Meter .............. $20.00
The unit is simple to use and it comes with illustrated instructions and a conversion table* for calculation of 'Gauss' readings.
Plug the Magnet Meter into a USB power source and attach your own Volt meter. When the sensor is exposed to a magnetic field the voltage will vary.
A conversion table* is provided, but simply put, a higher voltage would reflect a stronger Gauss reading than a lower voltage...
= *or use the new ONLINE GAUSS CALCULATOR below =

When the Magnet Meter is exposed to a magnetic field the reading on your Volt meter will vary. These numbers can be converted to Gauss values using the provided conversion table or the ONLINE CALCULATOR below:



Calculate Gauss Reading

Base Reading:

Magnetic Field:

Gauss Reading

nymodifieds.com ONLINE CALCULATOR
• Plug the Magnet Meter into a USB power source and attach your own Volt meter. The 'Base Reading' should be about 2.500 Volts. (Most all USB chargers/ports will vary slightly in output). Note your 'Base Reading' value.
• Enter your 'Base Reading' value in the 'Base Reading' field.
• Position the sensor as shown on the instructions. In the presence of a 'Magnetic Field' the Voltage will vary. Note your 'Magnetic Field' value.
• Enter your 'Magnetic Field' value in the 'Magnetic Field' field.
• Press "Calcuate Gauss Reading" to calculate Gauss.
• "Clear Fields" as needed.

Slot car magent testing, magnet matching, Gauss meter tips...

Don’t treat the readings as perfect numbers. The Gauss readings will fall off if the sensor is positioned just a little off the magnet surface, and the edges of a magnet can have stronger force field lines than the center.

So, with respect to German Mathematician (and Genius) Carl Friedrich Gauss, it is often hard to come up with an absolute Gauss reading. This is not a laboratory instrument, BUT, this is an awesome tool for comparing your slot car motors, and matching pairs of magnets, and should be very useful on your slot car bench testing magnets of all kinds.

The Magnet Meter is a way to see what the magnetic field strength is at a specific point – It's a good way to put some numbers to something! We suggest pulling a reading from the center of a magnet - by being consistent each time it will help you compare a bunch of different motors on your bench most fairly, and to understand their relative magnetic field strength at a consistently measured point.

We find the tool most useful to 'measure' 1/24 scale can racing motors. I have absolutely come across motors that were just dead - almost off the chart weak on either or both magnets. I just put the motors with the strongest magnets (and closest matched, left and right) into the car that I will be racing.

I believe HO scale racers are often trying to evenly 'match' magnets - so this tool may be particularly useful in that scale as well. I am not that knowledgeable about HO racing, but some HO guys have told me that the meter has been useful to them in setting up their magnets.

I suppose even traction magnets could be monitored or checked with this meter...


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