I enjoy the hobby for my own amusement, but some of the local racers wanted these - SO - We started offering to them. There was enough interest that we now offer our slot car items to all hobbyists.


Here is how that breaks down:

• If you can cut and fold up the bodies for yourself - A flat sheet would be $10.

Here is a link to a good how-to article: How to fold nymodifieds bodies


• A folded body would be $20.
• A custom drawn car would have an additional one-time $10 charge - if there is a particular car you want replicated or drawn.


• A built 1/32 scale chassis can be custom built for your needs.

• A built 1/24 scale chassis can be custom built for your needs.

Please note - The Parma FCR, the latest JK Products Modified Chassis *and* the R-Geo Thrasher Modified Chassisis, as well as some independent stampings all fit the 1/24 nymodifieds bodies perfectly!


• Wide-5 wheel inserts for the 1/2" hub ProTrack, 5/8" hub ProTrack, and CB Design rim are $6 for a set of four.

• NY Modifieds Slot Car Gauss Meter / Magnet Meters are $20 per.

• Color laser printed clear waterslide decals for 'hard body' models are $8 per sheet (car).

• HO Scale die-cast conversion kits for Vintage Modifieds and Drag Cars are $10 per.


I accept paypal and if you email me at I will get back to you regarding costs including shipping and turnaround. We will send you an invoice for review to make sure everything is the way you need it.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. Thanks!